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My Must Have Hair and Skin Products


Hi loves,

Some of you asked me to do a beauty post. So, I decided to write about some amazing products I swear by, including what helped with postpartum hair loss.


Dry Shampoo: Best invention ever. I only wash my hair once a week. ( I know gross )…But who likes washing their hair anyway? Well maybe some of you do. The reason I don’t wash my hair often is because I have long and thick hair so it takes me a while to style it. This is my go to product for those days when your hair starts to get greasy and flat. It absorbs all the oils, and adds volume to my hair.

Shampoo Seco: El que recomiendo es este de Dove por que huele rico y le da volumen a mi cabello. Solo me lavo el cabello una vez por semana así que este producto es de mis favoritos.

It’s 10 Leave In Conditioner: My hair is dry because I have highlights so this product helps with the frizziness and dry ends. I use it on wet and dry hair. It smells great too!

Acondicionador: Este producto lo use en cabello seco y mojado y me ayuda con la resequeda que tengo ya que mi cabello tiene tinte. Lo puedes encontrar en cualquier farmacia o amazon.

BioSil: These drops have worked great for my hair and skin, specially my hair. I had postpartum hair loss right about 4 months after having my baby. I started to take these because a friend recommended them. And I noticed a change almost immediately. My hair stopped falling out, and it actually got thicker, I think. I take them as directed, 5 drops twice a day in apple or orange juice. In addition to this, I take collagen and biotin. You can find them at any vitamin store or Amazon.


BioSil: Para la caída de cabello empece a tomar estas gotas y wow que note cambios casi inmediatamente. No solo se me dejo de caer el cabello, si no que me salió mas. Me las tome en jugo de naranja o manzana por que si son amargas.

Collagen: I’ve never taken collagen supplements until after I had my son. And this product has made a huge difference in my hair & skin. It helped with my fine lines, wrinkles, and some stretch marks I got with pregnancy are fading too. In addition to collagen and biosil, I recommend other multivitamins such as biotin, vitamin C, E, D etc.

Colageno: Apenas empece a tomar colageno después de que mi bebé nació. Y la verdad que me ha ayudado mucho con la elasticidad de mi piel. También me esta ayudando que las estrías que me salieron por el embarazo de desvanezcan.



Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes: I’m obsessed with these wipes. They don’t irritate or burn my eyes/face and get literally everything off so easily. This is a product I’m actually subscribed to in Amazon because  I use it so much. You can find them in any drug store, Amazon, or Ulta.

Toallas para desmaquillar: Estas toallas desalquilan casi el 100%. Son de lo mejor ya que no me irritan los ojos ni la piel. Las recomiendo.

Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum : I have been using this product for probably 5 years (Maybe it’s time for a change) But I just love it so much. This serum is part of my night cleansing routine. I put it on every night on a clean face before my night cream.

Crema de Noche: Este Serum lo uso todas las noches en mi cara limpia. Ya tengo casi 5 años usándolo y me gusta  por que siento que me nutre la piel. No puedo vivir sin este producto tampoco.


Purity Cleanser from Philosophy: This is another product I use. Although, I don’t use it as much since I discovered the Neutrogena wipes, but I still have it in my shower.

Limpiador Facial: Aparte de las toallas de Neutrogena, tambien uso este limpiador facial en la regadera. Este si que quita el 100% de mugre y maquillaje. Ya no lo uso tan seguido como antes pero, sigue siendo sin duda un producto que me encanta.

Hydration Cream: I have super dry skin and this cream works great for me. It’s not too heavy/grease so I really like that. I like that I can wear day and night time.

Crema para la cara: Este crama me la pongo después del serum de noche y también la uso de da. Me gusta por que no es grasosa y me hidrata muy bien la piel. Lo único que me gustaría es que tuviera SPF.


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