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Exciting Surprise- Baby Girl is on the Way!!


Photography: Audrie Dollins

Hi loves,

If you’re reading this post, you probably just saw my Instagram post on the exciting news. Yep!! Baby Dalfen #2 is on the way, and will make her arrival ( God willing) first week in May 2019. We’re extremely happy to share the exciting news with you!

Since I know some of you will have some questions, I did a quick Q&A on those questions I would personally like to know the answers to. But if you have any other questions go ahead and ask me by writing me a comment here or on my Instagram.


1. How far along are you? 15 weeks

2. Was it planned ? Nope, total surprise

3. When did you find out? On September 5th, exactly when Rafael was 11 months and a day before my trip to NYFW

4. Did you have morning sickness? So with my first pregnancy I never got sick, like NOTHING. This pregnancy has been different, I wouldn’t say I had morning sickness but was definitely feeling more “sick” and tired the fist trimester.

5. Did you want girl? Absolutely, of course if it was a boy, I would be  as happy ( ok maybe less lol) but my husband and I really wanted a baby girl so we’re so happy.

6. Do you have a due date? 5 de Mayo jajaj

7. Do you have a name yet? No but a few in mind. I won’t be sharing it until she’s born though.

Thanks guys for stopping to read my post.



Hola corazones,

Si estan leyendo esto, es probably por que ya vieron la foto que subi a Instagram anunciando a bebe Dalfen #2.  Estoy mas que feliz de poder compartir esta noticia con ustedes. Pues si, mi pequena llegara primero dios la primera semana de Mayo.

Aqui les comparto algunas respuestas a las preguntas mas comunes que talvez alguna de ustedes quisiera saber.


1. Cuanto tiempo llevas embarazada? Ya casi 4 meses.

2. Fue planeado o sorpresa? Sorpresa total.

3. Cuanto supiste que estas embarazada? Me entere el 5 de Septiembre, precisamente cuando Rafael cumplio 11 meses y un dia antes de mi viaje  a NYFW

4. Tuviste ascos? Tanto como ascos no, pero si me senti mucho mas cansada, y con sabor amargo el primer trimestre. Con Rafael nunca senti NADA. Pero este embarazo si ha sido muy diferente.

5. Quierias nina? Siiiiiiiiiiii, estamos mas que felices de que es nina.

6. Para que fecha nace? 5 de Mayo

7. Nombres? Tengo algunas ideas pero no compartire su nombre hasta que nazca.

Gracias por leer.



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